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Baillio’s Patrons Happy To Score Refund With Ravens Play

Doug Kendall of Rio Rancho celebrates with grandson, Connor Monette, 2, after learning he will be getting a refund for a TV he bought. (COURTESY OF KRISTA KENDALL)
Doug Kendall of Rio Rancho celebrates with grandson, Connor Monette, 2, after learning he will be getting a refund for a TV he bought. (COURTESY OF KRISTA KENDALL)

Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones might not play for their favorite team, but dozens of Baillio’s Electronics and Appliance customers are plenty happy with his performance in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Seventy-six of them purchased select products — mostly big screen TVs — that qualified them for the retailer’s Big Game, Big Play Super Bowl promotion, which promised refunds if someone returned a kickoff for a touchdown to either start the game, or to begin the second half.

As it turned out, Jones sprinted end zone to end zone moments into the second half, resulting in what seemed at the time to a pretty comfortable Raven lead, and a bunch of thrilled Baillio’s patrons.

For Doug Kendall of Rio Rancho, who watched the game at home with family members, the idea of getting his investment back in his 60-inch Sony TV took a while to sink in. Before the game, he jokingly asked guests to say a prayer for him.

“I didn’t think it would happen,” he told the Journal on Monday. “It turned out to be my lucky day.”

“I gave him permission to buy it,” added Kendall’s wife, Mary, with a laugh about the roughly $1,500 purchase. “Too bad we didn’t buy a computer, too.”

Another contest winner, Bonnie Vance of Albuquerque, said she and her husband purchased a 47-inch Toshiba in time for Sunday’s game, but that the significance of Jones’ runback escaped her at first.

“I had it in my head it was only for a touchback,” she said. “When my husband explained the difference to me, I was shocked.”

She went into Sunday’s game pulling for the 49ers.

“But now I like the Ravens,” she said.

The refund tab for the Big Play contest is $99,000, said Baillio’s president Rob Kujath. But there were seven other winners Sunday — they correctly predicted which team would win the Super Bowl during the Albuquerque retailer’s SuperFan Cashback promotion back in September. Those refunds added up to another $15,000, Kujath said.

Both promotions required a minimum purchase of $799 of select products. The Big Play promotion applied to certain TVs and mattresses purchased in the two-week run-up to the Super Bowl.

“The majority of what we sell going into Super Bowl obviously is TVs,” Kujath said.

Despite the dozens of winners, Baillio’s isn’t out $114,000.

“There are a number of companies out there you can go out and pay to buy insurance,” Kujath said. “It’s something like shooting a half-court basket, win $100,000 … throw a football … kick a football. There are companies that underwrite that stuff and they charge you a percentage based on the odds of it happening.”

Kujath said a Baillio’s promotion in 1998 promised refunds to purchasers of Hitachi big screens if the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl XXXII — which, to many’s surprise, they did.

“That year we gave back about $200,000,” he said.

Kujath said it will likely take a couple of weeks for promotion winners to get their refunds.

“Because it’s underwritten by insurance, they have to verify our claim and invoices and once they give us their approval, we can start cutting checks,” he said. “We’ll probably have a cash back party here some Saturday.”
— This article appeared on page A1 of the Albuquerque Journal

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