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No-haggle, no-hassle policy a success

CarMax purchasing manager Matt McGuire, left, and general manager Sean Ruban. (Glen Rosales/For the Albuquerque Journal)

CarMax purchasing manager Matt McGuire, left, and general manager Sean Ruban. (Glen Rosales/For the Albuquerque Journal)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — When Sean Ruban was studying business management at the University of Georgia, the priority was finding a company that provided plenty of training opportunities and one in which he could grow and advance.

He found that company when he landed at CarMax more than 12 years ago.

“When I got out of school, I worked a few different jobs,” Ruban said. “But I was looking for a new opportunity. I wanted a growing company that offered training programs because I wanted to get into management.”


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Now he’s coming up on his one-year anniversary as general manager at Albuquerque’s location and hopes to be here quite some time.

“It’s exciting,” Ruban said. “This was my first store” as general manager.

Throughout most of his CarMax career, Ruban worked in purchasing, finally landing in Salt Lake City as the senior purchasing manager. But about two years ago, he decided to enter the company’s training program to become a general manager before filling an opening here.

“I love it,” Ruban said. “One of the great things is helping our associates reach their goals.”

With the proper training he received, Ruban said, it was a fairly smooth transition, especially since he’s at a store with strong, dedicated employees.

The business at CarMax is a little different because it’s a national company with 133 stores nationally, he said.

“We kind of took the big-box approach and applied to it to car sales,” Ruban said. “We take a no-haggle, no-hassle approach.”

All the pertinent information about each vehicle is clearly posted, making the car-buying experience an easy one, he said.

And that allows the sales associates to “get to know the customer and the customer’s needs,” Ruban said.

And because CarMax offers economies of scale other independent dealers can not match, the prices are low and the selection enormous, Ruban said.

Searching gives buyers access to more than 35,000 cars across the country, he said, any of which can be transferred to Albuquerque.

The company has been here 10 years and “Albuquerque has been a great fit for CarMax,” Ruban said.


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