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Author Archives: Amy Goodman / Syndicated Columnist

Obama makes right move on Cuba

The failed United States policy against Cuba, which has for more than half a century stifled relations between these neighboring countries and inflicted generations of harm upon the Cuban people, may finally be collapsing.

Peru climate summit fuels protests

LIMA, Peru – Lima, the capital of Peru, has become a city of gustatory renown, attracting fo …

Min. wage also an election issue

Elections in the United States are all about money – lots of it, increasingly from untraceable, “dark” sources.

Climate change remains threat to national security

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Hours after 400,000 people joined in the largest climate march in history, the United States began bombing Syria, starting yet another war.

‘Climate change changes everything’

The climate crisis is worsening faster than predicted, by every scientific measure, and is paralleled by another crisis: the failure of the U.N. climate negotiation process.

Civil disobedience for the climate

“Unjust laws exist.” So wrote Henry David Thoreau in his 1849 essay, “On the Duty of Civil Disobedie …