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Author Archives: Cal Thomas / Syndicated Columnist

Riot damage calls for restitution

No matter whose side you are on in the upheaval following the killing of Michael Brown by police off …

Obama indifferent to concerns of African-Americans

Addressing the nation last Thursday, President Obama sought to justify his misreading of the Constitution by unilaterally granting legal protection to 5 million illegal immigrants.

Patronizing liberalism at its best

Unless you regularly follow conservative media, you may not have heard what one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) thinks about you.

Iran still dangerously duplicitous

Having missed a July deadline for reaching an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, the six …

Fund aids Iraqi Christians persecuted by the Islamic State

American Christians have been slow to the point of near silence when it comes to speaking out about the atrocities committed against their fellow believers by the Islamic State in Iraq (ISIS).

Mayor’s subpoenas are unconstitutional

Houston recently passed an ordinance through its city council that has sparked quite a bit of controversy amongst conservative evangelicals.

Rebuild Gaza after it quits making war

After World War II, the Marshall Plan helped rebuild a devastated Europe. The key word in that sente …

Business lessons for all, especially GOP

In the fairy tale “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, is in the forest when he hears a group of robbers approaching on horseback.