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Author Archives: David Ignatius / Syndicated Columnist

Avoiding same mistakes in Iraq

WASHINGTON – As the United States advances into its third war in Iraq in a quarter-century, …

Iranian could facilitate nuke deal

WASHINGTON – An intriguing new figure is gaining prominence in the Iranian government just as regional conflicts in Iraq and Syria intensify and nuclear talks with the West move toward a Nov. 24 deadline.

‘Disintegration’ of the Arab world

WASHINGTON – A glimpse of the anxiety sweeping the Arab world surfaced last week when an Arab woman complained during a talk in Amman at the Columbia Global Center for the Middle East.

Sectarian rage pushes Sunnis to IS

AMMAN, Jordan – Jalal al-Gaood, one of the tribal leaders the U.S. has been cultivating in h …

President can’t escape his pledge

WASHINGTON – As fighters from the Islamic State group surge toward control of Anbar Province …

Islamic State manifesto is revealing

ISTANBUL – It may not be as revealing as “Mein Kampf” or “The Communist Manifesto.”

Next president will inherit battle

WASHINGTON – The symbolism Tuesday was appropriate for a nation at war: A somber president i …

Obama’s war strategy is sensible

WASHINGTON – The United States imprudently rushed into war in Iraq in 2003. At least nobody …

Saudi Arabia faces big challenges

WASHINGTON – With Iraq and Syria ablaze, the oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia seems almost a …