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Author Archives: David Ignatius / Syndicated Columnist

Obama’s war strategy is sensible

WASHINGTON – The United States imprudently rushed into war in Iraq in 2003. At least nobody …

Saudi Arabia faces big challenges

WASHINGTON – With Iraq and Syria ablaze, the oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia seems almost a …

Obama gathers tools to confront evil

WASHINGTON – The propagandists of the Islamic State must have imagined their brutal video of the beheading of journalist James Foley would intimidate and terrorize the world.

Did bin Laden predict correctly?

WASHINGTON – When Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared his terrorist Islamic State, he ignored a wa …

Kerry a leader in defusing 2 crises

WASHINGTON – The world has been so chaotic lately that it was easy to overlook two U.S. diplomatic maneuvers – involving the turbulent nations of Afghanistan and Iran – that avoided what could have been dangerous ruptures.

Russia carries big energy stick for now

WASHINGTON – Energy politics underlie the explosive Ukraine crisis, as Europeans weigh U.S. calls for tougher sanctions against the ability of Russia to disrupt gas supplies this winter.

Obama’s foreign policy needs better follow-through

When Attorney General Eric Holder says the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria poses a “deadly” threat and he has “extreme, extreme concern” about its bomb-makers, that sounds like an emergency.

Woodrow Wilson’s Mideast lessons

WASHINGTON – As American policymakers ponder the future shape of the Middle East, they shoul …