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Author Archives: Donna Olmstead / Journal Staff Writer

More than exercise

Regulars at Connie Tachias’ Enhance Fitness classes say they get a lot more than exercise from the c …

Cassie, a courthouse service dog, is trained to put children and their families at ease in stressful situations. She's one of four courthouse dogs in the state. (Jim Thompson/Journal)

Four legs healing broken hearts

Cassie, a courthouse service dog, puts children and their families at ease in stressful situations

Fluorescent photomicrographs of sections from the brains of genetically altered mice stained blue green for the plaques that accompany Alzheimer’s disease (inflammation is red and the cell nuclei are blue). The top section is from a control mouse without drug treatment, while the lower two sections are from mice treated with one of two drugs that both lower plaque density and inflammation. (Courtesy of Laurel O. Sillerud)

Alzheimer’s researcher uses nanoparticles

Inside a research laboratory on the north campus of the University of New Mexico, genetically modified mice with Alzheimer’s disease, who have been treated with drugs and imaged with nanoparticles, are finding their way home again.