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Author Archives: Dana Milbank / Syndicated Columnist

Crowded out by tyranny of celebrity

WASHINGTON – “Romney Recycled” was the headline atop a Wall Street Journal editorial last we …

Let hostages’ parents try and help

WASHINGTON – As Americans gather with their families at Christmastime, we should pause to remember four who are not coming home for the holidays.

Farewell to worst Congress ever

WASHINGTON – The 113th Congress went the way of the dodo – literally.T …

In D.C. stupidity takes on a new name

WASHINGTON – A gaffe, under the oft-cited Michael Kinsley rule, is when somebody in Washington accidentally speaks the truth.

GOP can pout, but Obama has won

WASHINGTON – Among the many ways Republican members of Congress are contemplating to punish President Obama for his executive actions on immigration is a proposal of elegant simplicity: