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Author Archives: Dana Milbank / Syndicated Columnist

Passive Shinseki should step aside

WASHINGTON – Eric Shinseki served his country honorably as a twice-wounded officer in Vietna …

Jarring juxtaposition on climate

WASHINGTON – On the eve of the Obama administration’s release Tuesday of a report warning about grave consequences of climate change

White House fuels Benghazi fire

WASHINGTON – If Republicans succeed in turning the Benghazi “scandal” from a nothingburger i …

Harry Reid addicted to Koch brothers

WASHINGTON – The time has come to stop the denial and to admit that Senate Majority Leader H …

President plays tourist overseas

President Obama landed in Japan Wednesday night and delivered an important message on behalf of the …

Budget slows race to other worlds

WASHINGTON – NASA just confirmed what sci-fi enthusiasts have known all along: There are other civilizations out there.

Obama has lost his vital youth army

WASHINGTON – The day before the Iowa caucuses in 2008, I wrote about the massive crowds of y …

Spying on Congress a true scandal

WASHINGTON – President Obama’s foes have been trying for years to uncover scandal in his administration.

Obama’s budget protects his party

WASHINGTON – When White House press secretary Jay Carney led a quartet of President Obama’s …

High court skeptical on EPA reach

WASHINGTON – It has the makings of a royal mess for “King Barack.”Monday morni …

Which side will prevail in the battle for the conservative soul?

WASHINGTON – Arthur Brooks, head of the American Enterprise Institute, had the unorthodox idea to invite the Dalai Lama to exchange views on capitalism with a panel of scholars at the conservative think tank last week.