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Author Archives: Esther J. Cepeda / Syndicated Columnist

If you must shop, also give back

CHICAGO – I’ve never been drawn into Black Friday. Maybe that’s why over the years, I’ve gr …

Want to fix schools? Boost teacher ed requirements

CHICAGO – My two sons have been indoctrinated by their well-meaning public schools to believe that college is a punishingly difficult pursuit of knowledge.

Election over; time for immigration

CHICAGO – For a large segment of Hispanics, the dust-settling period following the midterm e …

Is technology instilling ignorance?

CHICAGO – A decade ago, when I was a graduate student in teacher training, a frightening thi …

Will classism be the new racism?

CHICAGO – Class, not race, may be the defining discrimination issue of my children’s lifetim …

Hispanics must consider big picture

CHICAGO – Hispanics contemplating the upcoming elections must be wondering: “What now?”< …

No Hispanic unity on immigration

CHICAGO – “Gerardo Lamas, the official spokesman for all Hispanics in the United States, resigned Thursday night,” the satirical news site pocho.com deadpanned earlier this month.

Immigration whiplash from Obama

CHICAGO – No one likes political expediency when it doesn’t go their way.