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Author Archives: Esther J. Cepeda / Syndicated Columnist

Focus on what we have in common

CHICAGO – “War” is too strong a word to use in regard to race relations.

Praise kids’ effort, not their success

CHICAGO – School starts next week and my two sons are inconsolable about having to return to their hated “prisons.”

Student effort not accounted for

CHICAGO – If it’s true that America’s No. 1 driver of inequality is the successful completion of college, as Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor David Autor and others have suggested, then why is no one paying attention to student efforts in the college success equation?

60 years later, schools not diverse

CHICAGO – As we near the 60th anniversary on Saturday of the landmark Brown v. Board of Educ …

Strong-arm tactics trample civil rights

CHICAGO – If Radley Balko is right, it may be the dog lovers of America who touched off a movement to rein in the strong-arm tactics that have accompanied the militarization of the country’s police forces.

Help children help themselves by finding the right voice

CHICAGO – “Who am I?” may be the most important question children ever ask themselves – and one that the adults in their lives can help answer in the best possible way.