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Author Archives: Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board

Editorial: Public deserves action on county treasurer audit

While it’s appropriate for Bernalillo County taxpayers to be deeply concerned about the findings in an audit of their Treasurer’s Office, they should be able to expect a little more than a scolding from their state auditor/attorney general-elect.

Editorial: Delay of Keystone XL is not in U.S. interests

Pandering to their environmental activist base, 59 Senate Democrats, including both Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, have again declared war on American jobs and rejected a boost to the U.S. economy

Editorial: Phone trickery a bad call

Uncle Sam is using “dirtboxes” to look for “dirtbags,” but in the process the cell phones of innocent U.S. citizens are being snared in the secretive crossfire.

Editorial: Nuke forces need shake-up

Everybody’s got a wrench now. That’s a really good thing if you’re a nuclear Air Force base operator …