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Author Archives: George Will / Syndicated Columnist

‘Cupcake’ rules overrunning U.S.

WASHINGTON – In physics, a unified field theory is an attempt to explain with a single hypot …

Tax ‘inversion’ is rational practice

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama, presiding over an unusually dismal post-recession economy, might make matters worse with a distracting crusade against the minor and sensible business practice called “inversion,” more about which anon.

19th-century attitudes hard to shed

WASHINGTON – This far into the human story, only the historically uninstructed are startled by what they think are new permutations of evil.

Ebola a reminder of nature’s danger

WASHINGTON – Although the Ebola virus might remain mostly confined to West Africa, it has in …

Supreme Court restrains bullying by progressives

WASHINGTON – Two 5-4 decisions last week on the final decision day of the Supreme Court’s term dealt with issues that illustrate the legal consequences of political tactics by today’s progressives.

Even in agreement, justices disagree

WASHINGTON – Even when Supreme Court decisions are unanimous, the justices can be fiercely divided about fundamental matters, as was demonstrated by two 9-0 rulings last week.

Redskins decision is official coercion

WASHINGTON – Amanda Blackhorse, a Navajo who successfully moved a federal agency to withdraw trademark protections from the Washington Redskins because it considers the team’s name derogatory, lives on a reservation where Navajos root for the Red Mesa High School Redskins.

Constitutional equilibrium is worth a fight

WASHINGTON – What philosopher Harvey Mansfield calls “taming the prince” – making executive power compatible with democracy’s abhorrence of arbitrary power – has been a perennial problem of modern politics.

Obama sidestepping Congress again

WASHINGTON – What Winston Churchill said of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles – that he was a bull who carried his own china shop around with him – is true of Susan Rice, who is, to be polite, accident prone.