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Author Archives: Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

Crime map

ABQ Crime Map

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

The Albuquerque Crime Map was built to provide the public with updated information on crime within the city.

The data used is gathered daily from the Albuquerque Police Department and provided by the City of Albuquerque and contains six months of crimes at a time.

By default, the map shows all crime types from the last seven days with reported information. You can filter the map by date range and/or by crime type.

voting locations map

N.M. Voting Locations Map

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

This map shows the polling places in Bernalillo, Sandoval and Santa Fe counties, and can be filtered to show early voting or Election Day locations.


2014 NM Voter Guide

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

Click here to go to the Albuquerque Journal’s extensive voter guide.

SBA test grade interactive

Interactive: NM School Testing Data

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

This interactive chart outlines the percentage of students who were deemed proficient or better based on the annual Standards Based Assessment (SBA) exam over the last five years.

The line chart is split up by demographics, as well as giving statewide statistics and those specific to APS.


Database: NM School Grades

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

The New Mexico Public Education Department has released it’s A-F School Grades for 2014 for every school in New Mexico, and the Journal has created a database to allow readers to quickly search schools and see their grade for this year and for previous years.

NM Wildfire Map

Map: NM Wildfires

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

The Albuquerque Journal wildfire map was built to give a sense of the current fire season.

It marks each major wildfire in the state during the year, and includes perimeter outlines of bigger blazes.

Medicare database

Database: How much Medicare paid N.M. health providers

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released a database that details how much Medicare paid 825,000 individual providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and other professionals, nation wide.

The Journal has downloaded the CMS database to its own servers to allow users a way to quickly search for New Mexico health care providers. CMS says the data can help patients evaluate providers of different medical services.

Median age of Bernalillo County residents by census tract. The map shows that many areas in the Northeast Heights and the North Valley have a median age of 45 and older. One census tract in southeast Albuquerque is highlighted, showing it has a median age of 22.4 years. (Albuquerque Journal Graphic)

Map: ABQ Census Data

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

Separated by census tracts, this map tells of the differences in age, income, education obtained, and race throughout Albuquerque.

By clicking on a census tract or typing in an address, you can find out specific statistics on certain parts of the city.

APD Under Fire preview

Interactive: APD Under Fire

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

The Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into whether the Albuquerque Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of violating citizens’ civil rights, specifically through the use of deadly force.

This special report includes a timeline of key events before and after the launch of the investigation, a description of how much officer-involved shootings have cost the city, a map pinpointing the locations of the shootings, and extensive background information on each case.

U.S. map of accidental officer deaths

Map: Police officers accidentally killed in U.S.

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

In New Mexico, officer deaths increased over the past decade from 3.85 officers killed per million people from 1994 to 2003, to 4.37 from 2004 to 2013, pushing New Mexico into one of the top four states in the nation for law enforcement officer accidental deaths per capita.

water use map

Map: N.M. Water Use By County

By Jolie McCullough / Digital Product Manager

Total water use in the state, including all farms, businesses and cities, has dropped 14 percent from its peak in the mid-1990s, even as New Mexico‚Äôs population has grown by 22 percent, according to the state’s latest water use report released last month. This map shows how each county is using water.