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Author Archives: John Robertson / Of the Journal

Stuart Ingle. (Eddie Moore/Journal photo)

At the Roundhouse: Heat wave

Kind of spooky when you read the morning weather forecast for Santa Fe  on Feb. 14 and it says in… more »

At the Roundhouse: Singing the 30-day blues

I think we’re going to be hearing a lot more about time taking its toll on many of the 785 bills and 37 joint resolutions and proposed constitutional amendments introduced this session in New Mexico’s House and Senate.

At the Roundhouse: Weirdness

Every legislative session has its own weirdness. Two absent House members has been one of the weirdest factors this time around…. more »

At the Roundhouse: Wheelspin

Here’s the way things were at the start of Day 20 of the 30-day legislative: one bill passed and the… more »

At the Roundhouse: Morning coffee

Cowboy coffee this morning. Fancy-pants Cuisinart deal busted on Day 17 of the 30-day legislative session. And the horse needs… more »

At the Roundhouse: Halfway

The 30-day legislative session reached its halfway point today. Fifteen days to go before adjournment on Feb. 20. Ignore, at… more »

At the Roundhouse: Back to school

Debate over New Mexico public school spending is headed for critical votes this week as the 30-day legislative session nears… more »