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Author Archives: Michael Coleman / Journal Washington Bureau

Udall, Heinrich urge Amtrak upgrades

Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich are asking a powerful Senate subcommittee chairman to back capital improvements to Amtrak’s long… more »

Much cock-a-doodle-ado over Rep. Pearce’s town halls

Rep. Steve Pearce’s decision to host three town hall meetings last week on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s listing of the lesser prairie chicken as threatened drew a little ridicule from Washington-based publications.

Governor finds a high-powered fan

Gov. Susana Martinez – up for re-election in November – has said she has no interest in running for president or even vice president in 2016 but, if she changes her mind, she’ll have a high-powered backer in her corner.

Pearce PR flap offers lessons for politicos

Rep. Steve Pearce’s communications operation exploded in a PolitixFireball last week when he was effectively forced to fire a press secretary just four days after he hired her.