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Author Archives: Ruth Marcus / Syndicated Columnist

How to survive public humiliation

WASHINGTON – Monica Lewinsky is trying to make lemonade out of 16-year-old lemons. Good for …

Stop panicking and get a flu shot

WASHINGTON – If you are worried about contracting Ebola, I have two suggestions. First, stop. Second, get a flu shot.

Squeezing into Eric Holder’s shoes

WASHINGTON – Who’ll be the next attorney general? Washington’s favorite parlor game is filli …

E-cig regulation should be tighter

WASHINGTON – E-cigarettes pose a public policy conundrum. They are a gateway drug – …

In politics, use criminal law sparingly

WASHINGTON – The headlines bring the accidentally colliding tale of two governors and, with it, a valuable debate about the proper role – and proper limits – of criminal law in policing political behavior.

Nixon can still shock, fascinate us

WASHINGTON – Forty years after he slunk out of office, Richard M. Nixon retains the capacity to astonish and disgust.

Anonymous sources have a place

WASHINGTON – Let us now praise anonymous sources.The new White House press sec …

On impeaching: Palin 1, Boehner 0

WASHINGTON – – Sarah Palin is right about impeaching President Obama.No, not tha …

A humbling lesson in reconciliation

WASHINGTON – The Israeli soldier shot Yousef Bashir in the back in the front yard of his fat …