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Author Archives: Ruth Marcus / Syndicated Columnist

Clinton faces myths, challenges

WASHINGTON – She’s in! She’s given up the private jet to schlep across America – alb …

Facts unlikely to cool heated rhetoric

“In a few moments, when I sign this bill, all of the overheated rhetoric over reform will finally co …

Hope for Obamacare advocates?

WASHINGTON – Will Justice Anthony Kennedy’s solicitude for states trump his antipathy to the Affordable Care Act and save the day for Obamacare?

Emails practice hurts Clinton cause

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton may not have a serious opponent for the Democratic nomination – except herself.

ACA case focus on ideological splits

WASHINGTON – As with everything else here these days, the talk about the Affordable Care Act …

Is GOP ‘sanity caucus’ emerging?

WASHINGTON – Are we witnessing the emergence of what might be called a new “sanity caucus” a …

2 Obama policies; 1 makes sense

WASHINGTON – This is a tale of two policies promoted by President Obama: one to make community college free, the other to provide for paid sick leave and parental leave.

Crossing promises off presidential to-do list

WASHINGTON – After a grueling year that cost Democrats the Senate majority, the mood at the White House is remarkably chipper.

‘Cromnibus’ is ugly, but necessary

WASHINGTON – The so-called “Cromnibus” is an ugly piece of work. On balance, I’m glad &ndas …