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Author Archives: Ruben Navarrette / Syndicated Columnist

Stop comparing the U.S. and Mexico

“As a Mexican-American born in this country to parents who were born in this country, I’ve never, ever aspired to be like Mexico.”

Glasses don’t help Perry’s worldview

SAN DIEGO – It will take more than a new pair of glasses to allow Texas Gov. Rick Perry to see his own hypocrisy as he ponders what should be America’s role in the world.

Obama misplays immigration issue

SAN DIEGO – Whenever President Obama acts unilaterally on immigration reform – and …

Immigration may trip Hillary up

SAN DIEGO – We already knew the immigration issue was a tough one for Republicans.

Going all ways on immigration fails

SAN DIEGO – Did House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lose his re-election bid in Virginia becau …

Latino Dems in Congress fail high-stakes test

SAN DIEGO – Someday, those who study Hispanic political power will look back on the first five years of the Obama administration and see it as a high-stakes test for Latino Democrats in Congress.

Holder elevates excuse making

SAN DIEGO – It’s graduation time, and public officials are delivering commencement addresses at colleges and universities.