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Author Archives: Ruben Navarrette / Syndicated Columnist

Power struggle over Netanyahu

SAN DIEGO – When it comes to the rapidly deteriorating relationship between the United States and Israel, President Obama is in a bad position to talk about good manners.

Republicans continue blunders on immigration

SAN DIEGO – The Republican National Committee descended last week on Coronado, southwest of San Diego, for its winter meeting.

Rethink relationship with Mexico

SAN DIEGO – After last week’s visit to the White House by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, it’s time to rethink our support for the Mexican government’s war against the drug cartels.

‘Gifts’ for the younger generation

SAN DIEGO – Most of us close out the holidays hoping we’ll be happier, more fulfilled and more successful in the new year.

Cop killings threaten social order

SAN DIEGO – You can bet that many law enforcement officers had a “blue” Christmas.

Obama’s true feelings on reform?

SAN DIEGO – A few years ago when President Obama was mucking up the immigration debate with his stall tactics, I said that he should do us all a favor and just stop talking about the subject.

Gratitude brings many benefits

SAN DIEGO – This Thanksgiving, as I ask my sister to pass the mashed potatoes, I’m going to …

Reform OKs ‘anchor babies’ concept

SAN DIEGO – The politically correct should spend less time telling people what to think and more time forcing themselves to think.