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Author Archives: Ruben Navarrette / Syndicated Columnist

Cop killings threaten social order

SAN DIEGO – You can bet that many law enforcement officers had a “blue” Christmas.

Obama’s true feelings on reform?

SAN DIEGO – A few years ago when President Obama was mucking up the immigration debate with his stall tactics, I said that he should do us all a favor and just stop talking about the subject.

Gratitude brings many benefits

SAN DIEGO – This Thanksgiving, as I ask my sister to pass the mashed potatoes, I’m going to …

Reform OKs ‘anchor babies’ concept

SAN DIEGO – The politically correct should spend less time telling people what to think and more time forcing themselves to think.

Mexico’s PRI reaps what it sowed

SAN DIEGO – Mexico is suffering a national tragedy, the details of which make the Day of the …

Get tough and smart on border issue

SAN DIEGO – Recently, after I took a jab at right-wingers with closed minds who want closed …

Latino voters likely to abandon Dems

SAN DIEGO – With just weeks until the midterm elections, Democrats are in the doghouse with …