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Author Archives: Ruben Navarrette / Syndicated Columnist

Obama misplays immigration issue

SAN DIEGO – Whenever President Obama acts unilaterally on immigration reform – and …

Immigration may trip Hillary up

SAN DIEGO – We already knew the immigration issue was a tough one for Republicans.

Going all ways on immigration fails

SAN DIEGO – Did House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lose his re-election bid in Virginia becau …

Latino Dems in Congress fail high-stakes test

SAN DIEGO – Someday, those who study Hispanic political power will look back on the first five years of the Obama administration and see it as a high-stakes test for Latino Democrats in Congress.

Holder elevates excuse making

SAN DIEGO – It’s graduation time, and public officials are delivering commencement addresses at colleges and universities.

Couple should pay for sea rescue

SAN DIEGO – Too many Americans refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Nothing is t …