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Author Archives: Robert J. Samuelson / Syndicated Columnist

Full employment is a tricky goal

WASHINGTON – Concerning economic policy, it’s back to the future. As the unemployment rate ( …

Federal budget the work of liars

WASHINGTON – When it comes to the federal budget, what consistently unites Democrats and Rep …

Fed faces tough task on inflation

WASHINGTON – Wages are among our most scrutinized economic indicators. It’s no secret why.

Fears of job loss to tech exaggerated

WASHINGTON – For some time, I’ve been collecting news stories about robots and jobs. By robo …

Regulating Internet threatens it

WASHINGTON – As a young reporter in the 1970s, I covered the Interstate Commerce Commission …

Gridlock reflects U.S. fragmentation

WASHINGTON – The political paralysis in Washington is often ascribed, depending on partisans …

Middle class rises on productivity

WASHINGTON – Given the obsession with economic inequality, you might think it’s the main for …

World needs economic growth less dependent on debt

WASHINGTON – One of the legacies of the 2008-09 financial crisis is a world awash in debt – and this explains much of the confusion and acrimony of today’s debates about the global economy.