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Author Archives: Robert J. Samuelson / Syndicated Columnist

No place like home for millennials

WASHINGTON – You could hear the tension in his voice. His 20-something daughter was living a …

Budget policy no better than prayer

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Budget Office last week issued one of its periodic long-term …

Statistical razzle-dazzle in jobs data

WASHINGTON – There may be a dark lining to the sunny June employment report, which recorded an increase of 288,000 payroll jobs for the month.

Medicaid putting squeeze on states

WASHINGTON – The White House recently put out a 40-page report arguing that the 24 states th …

Justification of CEO pay is shaky

WASHINGTON – We’ve created a new economic aristocracy in America: CEOs.That’s …

Markets are sending mixed signals

WASHINGTON – Something interesting, unpredicted and possibly worrisome is occurring on finan …