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Author Archives: Tom and Ray Magliozzi / Syndicated columnists

Clutch fluid leak jams up shifter

DEAR TOM AND RAY: Our grandson, Matthew, is now driving our old ’92 Honda. It’s a stick shift.

Honda has real reason to specify their fluids

DEAR TOM AND RAY: The owner’s manual for my 2010 Honda CR-V with all-wheel drive states that only Honda fluids may be used in the car, except for motor oil.

Clutches pay price for saving tranny

DEAR TOM AND RAY: A friend in high school back in the early ’70s would occasionally borrow his dad’s Ford Pinto to cruise us around in.

Pickup has tendency to ‘run’ by itself

DEAR TOM AND RAY: We have a 1999 GMC Sierra that has something that “runs” on occasion when it is sitting in the garage.