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Author Archives: Tom and Ray Magliozzi / Syndicated columnists

Daughter’s attraction fleeting for VW Beetle

DEAR TOM AND RAY: From the time she was 14 years old, our daughter was dying for a New Beetle, and she finally bought a brand-new one after college, in 2009.

Aging van’s door-open buzzer acting up

DEAR TOM AND RAY: I have a 1996 Ford Windstar in perfect condition that was driven for years by a little old lady.

Electric window is unruly

It won’t stop trying to push glass higher

Don’t turn off engine for stuck accelerator

DEAR TOM AND RAY: I’ve always heard that if your accelerator sticks, you could turn the key off (not to the locked position) to kill the engine, and then gently apply the brakes and steer car to safety.

Dangling sway bar should be reattached

DEAR TOM AND RAY: My stepson recently discovered something dangling under his 1997 Ford Escort wagon.