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Author Archives: Winston Brooks / APS Superintendent

Thanks to all APS students

I just learned about Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a campaign started by Camp Fire USA that encoura …

Rethinking an APS education

Innovation is one of the latest buzz words in education circles, and that’s not a bad thing.

District to host schools conference

Tighten your seatbelts, October is here! This already is one of the most exciting months of the year …

APS is tackling truancy

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs in these tough economic times know how important i …

APS ready for school year

Status quo. It’s a popular catch phrase among critics of public education. It implies that those who …


APS aims for a 75% grad rate

What will you do? That was the question posed to several of our students graduating this week. You c …


APS can’t bandage its budget

APS employees, like so many in our community, have been forced to make shrinking paychecks go farthe …