Ask the Bugman with Richard Fagerlund
Bites, Lesions May Be Tied To Morgellon's Disease
Q: My mother has something biting her and she wants to get someone to spray her house, but nobody will because they can't find the bug. Can't they just generally spray the house? I don't think she is imagining the bites, although no one else in the house is getting bitten.   (Saturday, November 13, 2010)

To Eradicate Bat Problem, You Need A Specialist
Q: We have been having a problem with bats. One even got into the house. We have learned that our neighbors have also had problems with them and are taking measures to evict them. I, however, think that they will return by making new holes. I have found an electronic pest control product on the market that you plug into the electrical outlet and it emits an electronic interference to the pests. Do they work? — B.L., Placitas   (Saturday, October 30, 2010)

Termites, Mice Will Remain Active in the Winter
Q: Winter is coming and I would like to know what kind of pests I can expect to see. — B.J., Albuquerque   (Saturday, October 16, 2010)

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