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Business Columns

Tax return signatures can get complicated

By James Hamill / For the Journal

I want to call your attention to something that many people treat as an afterthought when preparing …

VA Choice program a financial grenade

By Tom Philpott / Syndicated Columnist

An actuarial firm under contract to the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that allowing veter …

Employee social-media accounts fair game

By Dale Dauten and Jeanine J.T. O'Donnell / Syndicated Columnists

DEAR J.T. & DALE: Do employers really monitor social media accounts for employee behavior? &nda …

Medical data breaches are breeding unhealthy fears

By Ellen Marks / Assistant Business Editor

There’s evidence that data breaches in the medical world are prompting some patients to avoid giving doctors sensitive information about themselves, including such conditions as mental health or drug abuse problems.

Maternity leave requires little explanation

By Dale Dauten and Jeanine J.T. O'Donnell / Syndicated Columnists

Dear J.T. & Dale: I have been on extended maternity leave for just over two years. I want to get …

Installment sale would allow tax exclusion

By James Hamill / For the Journal

Q: I have an idea involving my house that I think will meet the needs of my wife and me, and also ou …

Greek crisis exposes EU economic fissures

By Jerry Pacheco / For the Journal

Greece joined the European Union in 1981. Spain and Portugal joined five years later. The addition o …

NLRB roots through social media policies

By Marshall Martin / For the Journal

Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act seeks to protect employee rights “for the purpose of c …