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Aldo Lavaggi said that thanks to the tiny cost of his tiny house, he “earns more than he spends,” as a folk musician and can afford to splurge on a wide variety of other things. (Nina Glinski/Bloomberg)

Tiny houses big with consumers seeking economic freedom

Doug Immel recently completed his custom-built dream home, sparing no expense on details like cherry-wood floors, cathedral ceilings and stained-glass windows – in just 164 square feet of living space including a loft.

(C. Cunningham/Albuquerque Journal)

Save your smartphone from hackers

Cybercriminals are everywhere, and smartphone users are attractive and abundant targets. Here’s how to keep your device, its data and yourself secure.

Is TSA Precheck right for you?

Is access to airport security fast lanes a good investment? That depends on how much you value your time

Ariane Laxo, an interior designer at HGA in Minneapolis, advises architects and builders to plan buildings “resilient” to climate change. (David Joles/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)

Rough weather ahead

Architects, builders face skeptical clients in U.S. who resist designing structures that could withstand possible extremes from climate change

Craig Craft vacuums the floor of the $1.7 million mansion in Atlanta where he and a roommate house-sit. They must keep the for-sale home in pristine condition at all times because they never know when a real-estate agent might show up with clients in tow. (Brant Sanderlin/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/MCT)

High-life house-sitting

Home managers maintain upscale houses for sale, ready to be presented at a moment’s notice

Roku delivers a wide variety of streaming content. (Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Streaming TV surges in popularity

Devices offer expanded range of viewer choices, but can also prove confusing, frustrating

PNM says fraudsters posing as energy auditors

Apparently, phoning utility customers and threatening to shut off their electricity if they don’t immediately pay off a phony bill isn’t good enough for scam artists these days.