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Editorial: Update state’s antiquated telecommunications regs

New Mexico’s telecommunications legislation was passed in 1985, before a device connected to the Internet was as common as a stove in people’s homes, before a cellphone was as essential to daily life as a driver’s license.

Editorial: Revamp workers’ comp for NM’s real workers

If employees show up to work drunk or high, then get hurt or worse, should they or their survivors still get 90 percent of the workers’ compensation benefits to which they normally would be entitled?

Editorial: City, union accord at last

For years, one-third of the city of Albuquerque’s workforce has had its paychecks held hostage by contract wrangling between their union and the city – even as fellow city unions struck smart compromises that benefit both employees and the public that pays their salaries.

Editorial: Protect consumers’ data

Data breaches reported nationwide reached a record high of 783 last year, but only eight of them were reported in New Mexico.