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“White Man’s Moccasins” by Laguna Pueblo photographer Lee Marmon is perhaps his most famous photo, made in 1954.

Exhibit acquires 68 public art pieces

“The New Mexico Connection” spans Lee Marmon’s classic photographs as well as the pop-meets-petroglyphs paintings of Neal Ambrose-Smith.

“Melancholy With a Chance of Rose” by Greg Tucker depicts a lone woman in a stormy landscape juxtaposed to a rowboat transporting a heroic-scale single rose blossom.

Two exhibits bring up mental health issues

The Mariposa Gallery is celebrating its 40th anniversary with two visually stunning painting exhibitions inspired in part by surrealism and post-modernism that also touch upon mental health issues.

"Altered Book" by Patricia Pearce, on exhibit at St. John's College Gallery.

St. John’s presents the book as art

You’ve got to admire the symmetry: the college that studies the Great Books is having an art exhibit on … wait for it … books.