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Guest Columns

Immigrants deserve to see compassion

Humanitarian response necessary to allow a fair chance for hearings over “credible fear” and deportation

If only people were corporations

If companies are claiming the rights and privileges of people, maybe people should start claiming the rights and privileges of corporations

ACA subsidies raise legal issue

WASHINGTON – The Affordable Care Act took a potentially serious hit last week when the D.C. …

Why I won’t be running in Pamplona

Pamplona’s storied bull run created some extra interest recently when a perturbed toro named Brevito …

Rules should be different for kids

Everybody has a theory about why more than 40,000 unaccompanied children have been detained at the b …

Newman Center’s discontent

Current disruption is sad, but new priest can restore parish to a happy family

Editorial: APD’s professional officers essential to DOJ’s reforms

As the Albuquerque Police Department and Mayor Richard Berry’s office work with the Department of Justice to address what DOJ has identified as an abuse of force, as Berry meets with some of the fathers of the 27 people shot by police since 2010 and the police union president is reprimanded for not keeping her union and police duties separate, it is important to note that some solid police work is happening every day in Albuquerque.