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Home & Garden

Market optimism based on numbers

By Stephanie Guzman / Journal Staff Writer

Albuquerque’s housing market is improving and home builders say they’re more optimistic than ever. T …

Finish all the work on your house before listing it

By Talia Freedman

Q: I’m getting my house ready to sell and my Realtor wants to wait until I’ve finished all of the work that needs to be done to the house before listing it.

Blooming bulbs in yard need right mowing, feeding

By Tracey Fitzgibbon / For the Journal

Q: The previous owners planted lots of crocus and grape hyacinths in the lawn of my new home here on the West Side.

Why no hydrangeas here in NM?

By Tracey Fitzgibbon / For the Journal

Q: We moved from Pennsylvania and miss seeing hydrangea bushes.

Should I move before I sell my house?

By Talia Freedman

Q: I’m planning to sell my house this year, and I’m not sure if I should wait until my family and I have moved out or if we should get the house listed as soon as possible, even while we’re living there.

Is it time to put my pots back out?

By Tracey Fitzgibbon / For the Journal

Q: Last fall, I brought in several pots so I wouldn’t lose the plants.