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The James Webb Space Telescope under construction. During cryogenic testing, the mirrors will be subjected to temperatures dipping to 24 Kelvins, permitting engineers to measure in extreme detail how the shape of each mirror changes as it cools. One of its developers, John Mather, visited UNM this week. (Courtesy of NASA)

Scientific rock star visits UNM

Nobel Prize-winning cosmologist discusses his latest project, a telescope to complement Hubble

Carlos Cortés, professor emeritus of history at the University of California, Riverside, holds a copy of "Multicultural America: A Multimedia Encyclopedia," for which he was the lead editor

UNM hosting mentoring conference

In Indonesia, it’s possible to say “yes” by using a dozen different words – and perhaps just …


Bonds to build a workforce

You have the ability to affect every college student in New Mexico’s chance at success and affect ou …

Black grads are deeper in loan debt

Nationally, by the time black college graduates receive their bachelor’s degrees, they have also acc …