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Two-year-olds Elijah Sanchez, left, and Arlo Hansen play with a vortex in a water display at Explora during Pi Day, which was celebrated at the Old Town-area science center on Saturday – 3-14-15 – the first five digits of the mathematical constant pi: 3.141592653. Pi is used to calculate the area of a circle and Arlo's father, Layton Hansen, says he uses pi regularly at work, figuring out estimates for construction work. (Marla Brose/Albuquerque Journal)

Salute to the long life of pi

Pi-related activities filled Explora science center on Saturday for – what else – Pi Day.

TriCore lab data will help track diseases

Tricore Reference Laboratories is gearing up to provide physicians and patients online access to years of accumulated test data that could help them track the prevalence of diseases in specific geographic areas.

Horses may give clues on autism

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – On a thoroughbred ranch in Vacaville, a 3-week-old foal gallops close t …