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New Mexico Science

Science, climate, weather and water from a New Mexico perspective

New Mexico drought

Chances of El Niño slipping

With more than 60 percent of New Mexico remaining in drought, federal climate forecasters are backing off yet again on… more »

The Rio Grande bosque, south of Central in Albuquerque, by John Fleck, Nov 1, 2014

Bosque leaves putting on a show

If you’re looking for something to do in Albuquerque Sunday, the bosque cottonwoods are putting on a wonderful fall color… more »

Odds favor wet winter

For the serious weather nerds in the office, our friends at the National Weather Service in Albuquerque put together a… more »

PRISM October

Dry start to the water year

Nearly a month into the “water year”, the fall-winter-spring season when we accumulate mountain snowpack here in the West, we’re… more »

Salt cedars, beetles and water

John McCain is enthusiastic about turning loose more salt cedar beetles to kill the scrubby riverside tree and, in the… more »