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Un Poquito Mas

Cast members of the British play “Oppenheimer” watch the explosion of an atomic bomb. (Photo by Keith Pattison/Courtesy Royal Shakespeare Company)

Another dramatic take on the Manhattan Project

Fans of the “Manhattan” television series have something else to check out while waiting for the show’s second season (filmed in and around Santa Fe, and set to hit cable TV in April).

Kim Day and Sandra Sunderlage sample some soup, with a side of water.

Comfort food for a great cause

I saw a lot of people I knew standing in the soup lines Saturday at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center at the 21st Annual Souper Bowl.

Shannon Boniface and Alexis Girard were all smiles at the Lensic party.

Something for everyone at the showpiece Lensic theater

I was standing up on stage at the “Leaders of the Lensic” party, fantasizing about what it would have been like to be Judy Garland just belting it out in front of these lights.

Holly and mark Henry at the Harvey opening.

Gala Harvey Opening at the History Museum

Standin’ on the corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to see, and the old Harvey Hotel is where you’ll probably be!

The Stow Lake Boathouse in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. (From the Ortega Family Enterprises Gallery)

Santa Fe business sheds controversy in that other SF

When Santa Fe’s Ortega Family Enterprises won the contract to run the food and boat concession at Stow Lake in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in 2010, an uproar ensued.

Deanna Einspar, Steve Melander-Dayton and Rick Martinez do their bit to Keep Santa Fe Beautiful.

Fighting disease, protecting beauty

What a shock, what a blow, when someone you actually know is hit with a killer disease, one you see in fundraising ads on TV, about other people, elsewhere.