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Who knows what you might find in the depths of Lake Powell? A couple diving there over New Year found a GoPro camera — and managed to reunite it with its owner. (Kirstan Jacobson/Deseret News/AP Photo)

GoPro camera survives underwater journey

Allisa and Mark Oliger from Durango, Colo., like to spend New Year’s Day diving, often in the cold, murky waters of Lake Powell.

James Moore.

Human role at WIPP was being minimized

I found Mark Oswald’s article, “WIPP woes due to wrong word?” on the Journal’s front page of Feb. 10 quite interesting.

Jim Harrington.

Public financing on the cheap has failed

A city-appointed panel of attorneys and citizens is now exploring ways to improve Santa Fe’s public campaign finance system and fix the problems exposed by the heavy PAC spending in the last election.

Now-mayor Javier Gonzales, left, celebrates his election last March. Spending by independent groups that supplemented the $60,000 in public financing he accepted for his campaign is drawing renewed criticism. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)

Editorial: We agree: Dump public financing

It’s time for Santa Feans to acknowledge that their good intentions for public financing of city elections have gone for nought.