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Journal North Opinion

T. Douglas Reilly.

LANL’s mission to promote peace

I have read Greg Mello’s note in last Friday’s Journal North, and various other comments on WIPP and LANL.

Jon Kovash.

Airports in the rural West feel the squeeze

Starting some time in May, my only option for flying from Moab, Utah, to a regional hub will be to get on a Brasilia 30-seat turboprop (Great Lakes Airlines) that flies over the heart of the Rockies to Denver.


Treat the state’s lab addiction

Nuclear explosions produce inhumanly extreme temperatures and pressures, many orders of magnitude be …

A new obstacle thrown at UDV church

Santa Fe’s UDV church is Christian-based, so we assume they know something of suffering and redempti …

An arson fire last weekend damaged the building that houses Espanola’s hard-hitting weekly newspaper, the Rio Grande SUN. (Courtesy Rio Grande SUN)

Editorial: Local paper takes a hit

It was disheartening – and a little frightening – to hear about an apparent arson early last Saturday at the Rio Grande SUN

Editorial: Overtime, crime and police morale

If they really want to figure out the purported connections linking police officers’ work shifts, crime rates and the amount of police overtime the city has to pay out, Mayor Javier Gonzales and the Santa Fe City Council apparently will have to find an independent, non-political arbiter to decide.

Richard Stupka.

Nuke facilities-state ties misunderstood

The three editorials/articles published in the Journal the week of Feb. 22-27 reflect a serious lack of understanding of the relationship of federal nuclear facilities to the State of New Mexico

Superintendent Joel Boyd, shown here speaking at the 2014 Santa Fe High School graduation ceremony, is staying put. He had been the lone finalist for a job in Fort Worth. (Adolphe Pierre-Louis/Albuquerque Journal)

Editorial: Boyd stays, and has a lot to do

There was, as school board member Susan Duncan put it last week, “a lot of stress and drama and gossip and confusion” in Santa Fe as Superintendent Joel Boyd considered a job offer from Fort Worth