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Guest Columns

Unfinished jobs show need for capital outlay reform

By Sen. John Arthur Smith / Democrat, Deming

Fair or unfair, the legislative session that ended about a month ago has become best known for the failure of the Legislature to pass a capital outlay bill.

Aid packages won’t end illegal immigration

By Daniel Garza / Executive Director, Libre Initiative

Vice President Joe Biden is now calling for Congress to approve a $1 billion aid package to Central America.

Trail opens public bosque to all of us

By Terri O'Hare / Albuquerque Resident

Public open space and parks have a great opportunity to embrace design for all users by incorporating the principles of Universal Design.

Colleges and business working together

By Tisha Hudetz / President, Government Accounting Student Association

Let’s be honest. Times are different.

Dawnn Robinson.

Impact fees require thorough study

By Dawnn Robinson / Rio Rancho City Council

Rio Rancho has always been a unique system, which presents us with some interesting challenges that most other cities don’t have to deal with.

Smart corporations realize that we must pay for infrastructure

By Donald Simonson / Emeritus Professor of Finance, UNM

The notion of “paying it forward” is a popular one, and while we may not think about our income taxes as a form of paying it forward, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Fix education by respecting learning

By Alan Hall / Lawyer, Rodey Law Firm

Political fixes are sure to fail, so we need a cultural revolution

Fix for dangerous intersection needed immediately

By Rich Glantz / North Valley Resident

As a northwest valley resident, I appreciate D’Val Westphal’s reopening of the roundabout discussion …

Environmentalists leading Calif. to water woes

By Jay Ambrose / Tribune News Service

California has a major drought, and that’s resulted in bad stuff brought to us not by the usual susp …

Governor blew opportunity for hemp

By Stuart A. Rose / Founder, The Bioscience Center

Another legislative session, more missed opportunities by our elected officials who consider themsel …