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Speak Up!

THE GOP IS too busy demonstrating its seditious behavior to actually govern. – T.C. …

Letters to the editor

Services for women needed A WEEK OFF the streets is just a few days in the lives of the homeless…. more »

Talk of the town

Don’t let outsiders buy our government CONCERN OVER the acceptance of a campaign donation from a convicted Texas abuser (“Martinez… more »

Speak Up!

CUT ALL TIES with Israel and use the money normally sent to them on U.S. citizens instead. Time for …

Letters to the editor

Democrats obstructing IN TYPICAL FASHION, Senate Democrats are obstructing legislation favored by a majority of voters in New Mexico. You… more »

Talk of the town

Maybe Texas ties aren’t so bad after all! STATE PARTY Democrats must be fuming! New Mexico Democrat Party ex-governor’s papers… more »

Gambling compacts deserve a ‘no’ vote

THE TRIBAL GAMBLING compacts negotiated between the governor’s office and the five tribes seeking new compacts were approved on Feb. 27 by the Committee on Compacts by a 15 to 1 vote.

Israel’s motives questionable

CAL THOMAS continues his rant echoing Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that the existence of nuclear power in Iran means the end of Israel.

Home price headline misleading

IN SATURDAY’S Business section Richard Metcalf writes about how Albuquerque’s home prices are up 6.1 percent for a strong improvement.

Youths need preparation

THANK YOU for the March 4 editorial on the reaction of the great majority of New Mexico students to PARCC