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THIS IS NOTHING to be proud of: first in bankruptcy. How about first in students graduating from hig …

Letters to the editor

Latina identity not important for gov. job GOV. (SUSANA) Martinez is always ready to describe herself as America’s first and… more »

Good people can change city

THE NEW YORK Times Aug. 2 op-ed “Goodbye Albuquerque, Land of Violence” spoke of the violence by police and residents… more »

When a lake becomes a pond

IF THE PEOPLE of Logan want to see the possible impact of the pipeline on their lake, Ute Lake, they …

Talk of the town

“TAPPED OUT” (Sunday, Aug. 24) was not the first, but is one of the most thorough articles you have printed… more »

Speak up

IF PEOPLE ARE that terrified of becoming one of the fatalities caused by wolves that occur approxima …

Letters to the editor

RE: SALLY-ALICE Thompson’s letter to the editor “It’s Time to Control Money in Politics” (Aug. 26). Thompson calls on us… more »

Is Ferguson the U.S. Soweto?

I SAW A PHOTO in the newspaper the other day of a group of young people in Ferguson, Mo., confronted …

Talk of the town

Scorched birds not a new problem THOUSANDS OF BIRDS are burned to a crisp as they fly through the intense… more »

Speak up

WHAT’S WRONG WITH community service to receive food stamps? Why should New Mexico taxpayers have to …