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Talk of the town

Retained pupils less likely to graduate WILL MORE students graduate if we hold some of them back after third grade… more »

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I WOULD BE interested in seeing data on what percentage of drop-outs and “fifth year” graduates were …

Letters to the editor

Don’t confuse a small area with a continent IN THE U.S., more people have probably died of Ebola-related anxiety than… more »

Wench, winch – that vowel matters

WE READ JOLINE Gutierrez Krueger’s UpFront column last week, about the sorry tale of the dead cow in the middle of the Rio Grande north of Corrales.

What a sight to see her brute strength!

ACCORDING TO Saturdays UpFront column, the dead cow was removed from the Rio Grande by a rope “that was then attached to a wench on a fire truck.”

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THANK GOD the “Great Liars Contest” will be over after Nov. 4. The only drawback is we have to live …

Talk of the town

Outrage reserved for popular causes I’VE JUST READ the latest story in the Journal about another Rail Runner-caused death. I… more »

Letters to the editor

NM can’t afford this pricey boondoggle JOHN FLECK’S in-depth reporting reveals the Interstate Stream Commission’s patterns of obfuscation, intentional omission… more »

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TAMPERING WITH the vote can be done at so many levels. Voter ID does not disenfranchise voters, but …