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Gambling compacts deserve a ‘no’ vote

THE TRIBAL GAMBLING compacts negotiated between the governor’s office and the five tribes seeking new compacts were approved on Feb. 27 by the Committee on Compacts by a 15 to 1 vote.

Israel’s motives questionable

CAL THOMAS continues his rant echoing Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that the existence of nuclear power in Iran means the end of Israel.

Home price headline misleading

IN SATURDAY’S Business section Richard Metcalf writes about how Albuquerque’s home prices are up 6.1 percent for a strong improvement.

Youths need preparation

THANK YOU for the March 4 editorial on the reaction of the great majority of New Mexico students to PARCC

Speak Up!

IT’S RIDICULOUS for the TV stations to interview the (protesting) kids; if they had all the answers …

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Highway Department put us on the skids YOUR STORY “NM traffic skids to halt” (Feb. 27) completely missed the real… more »

Letters to the editor

Kids who care are punished YOU MAY BE tempted to dismiss the students who are protesting or opting out of… more »

Letters to the editor

Better mental health services good for kids (THE RECENTLY approved county) tax increase for mental health services presents an important… more »

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JUST SAYING, we may not have a problem with the homeless if we gave them the same benefits as we giv …

Talk of the town

It is humans, not God, who made our laws CAL THOMAS IS wrong in his claim about the origins of… more »

Speak Up!

YOUNG PEOPLE who leave high school to get a GED and go to college are considered dropouts. There’s s …