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People must lead in climate change

WASHINGTON – We are taking a huge gamble with the world’s future. Individual nations &ndash …

Palliative care provides pain management and support

Q: Reader Dick Bowler sent me an email: “I am a survivor of successfully treated prostate cancer … What researchers and clinicians know but the public largely doesn’t understand is that there cannot be a cure for cancer because it is a universe of differentiated diseases.

In voting, more often means worse

WASHINGTON – The pursuit of perfection is usually foredoomed, but the Los Angeles City Ethic …

Tough questions for Vicente Fox

MIDLAND, Texas – I spent the 16th of September, Mexican Independence Day, with a former president of Mexico – and tried to figure out which U.S. president he reminded me of.

NM senators support plan to arm ‘moderate’ rebels

New Mexico’s U.S. senators this week put their weight behind an effort to train and arm so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels in the fight against Islamic State

‘Climate change changes everything’

The climate crisis is worsening faster than predicted, by every scientific measure, and is paralleled by another crisis: the failure of the U.N. climate negotiation process.

Don’t turn off engine for stuck accelerator

DEAR TOM AND RAY: I’ve always heard that if your accelerator sticks, you could turn the key off (not to the locked position) to kill the engine, and then gently apply the brakes and steer car to safety.