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Islamic State targeted Sunni leaders we’re now counting on

WASHINGTON – A centerpiece of President Obama’s strategy for defeating the Islamic State group is mobilizing tribal fighters to join the Iraqi military in retaking Anbar and other Sunni-dominated provinces.

False arguments aren’t honest debates

I understand we’ve turned the page to the next controversy – Obama’s unconstitutional immigration pander – but I’d like to dwell a little longer on the previous travesty.

State needs to stay involved in foreclosure crisis

During last years’ legislative session, the House and Senate adopted identical memorials addressing residential mortgage foreclosures and establishing the Foreclosure Process Task Force.

Character, sex mutually exclusive

Beverly Gage, a Yale historian, was researching a biography of J. Edgar Hoover in the National Archi …

Ideology, not just orders, defines Nazi killers

WASHINGTON – Western reflection about human nature and the politics of the human condition began with the sunburst of ancient Greece 2,500 years ago, but lurched into a new phase 70 years ago with the liberation of the Nazi extermination camps.

Boehner won’t act; Obama must

WASHINGTON – Oh, please. All the melodramatic Republican outrage isn’t fooling anybody.