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Rio West Opinion

Slow response is bad strategy

Q: I’m buying a house and we got the inspections done very early, but we actually have a lot of time before we have to respond.

Scotland’s debates mirror our own

CAIRNRYAN, Scotland – For Americans whose knowledge of this beautiful land is limited to kilts, whiskey, bagpipes and the film “Braveheart,” the forthcoming referendum on whether Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom or become an independent nation will come as a curiosity at best.

RR first responders earned our respect

Between the investigations surrounding the conduct of the Albuquerque Police Department, the more recent criticisms of the Ferguson, Mo., police, and the general discussion about police behavior everywhere, we thought maybe it was time to paint a different picture.

Now is time to start poinsettia blooming

Q: I have a poinsettia that has been growing beautifully since last year that I want to get to flower again.

Feral horses devastate the land

Some editor at the Journal must have been quite taken with Rosalie Rayburn’s story about the feral horse situation in Placitas, which appeared in last Saturday’s Rio West section and again in Fetch!

Seeking shrubs for shady spot

Q: I’m looking for a couple of shrubs that I can work into a lightly shaded space.

Entrepreneur Barbie is progress of sorts

WASHINGTON – Lego’s groundbreaking female-scientists set sold out almost immediately after it was released this month.