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Group Confirms Some Suspect Voters as Legitimate

By Jeff Jones
Journal Politics Writer
      The New Mexico chapter of ACORN says it has disproved at least some of the Republican allegations about Bernalillo County voting fraud in this year's primary election.
       State Republicans this week said their search of public records for 92 newly registered Albuquerque voters who cast ballots in the June primary uncovered “highly suspect” voter registrations on file in 28 of those cases. They called it “bombshell” evidence of voting fraud. The party provided names for 10 of the 28 suspect registrations and said five of those 10 were registrations submitted by ACORN.
       An organizer for ACORN — the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which handled some of those registrations — said Friday that it has since contacted four of the five voters as identified by the GOP as being registered by ACORN and confirmed that they are legitimate voters.
       The advocacy group, which has come under fire in connection with its voter registration efforts across the county, was planning an Albuquerque news conference today with some of those voters.
       “We truly just looked (them) up in the registry ... and found their phone numbers and called them, and lo and behold, real people answered,” said Clayton Kennedy, the Albuquerque head organizer for ACORN. “They haven't proven anything here. If, truly, the Republican Party couldn't take 30 seconds to lift a phone, it's saying a lot about these claims.”
       State Rep. Justine Fox-Young, R-Albuquerque, said Friday she hopes that every ballot cast during the primary was legitimate, but added: “We presented evidence to indicate there were a significant number of highly suspicious and potentially fraudulent votes cast in the primary election, and I'll stand by that.”
       Fox-Young said the GOP's paperwork concerning the voters in question would be handed over to the 2nd Judicial District Attorney's Office, the FBI and the state Attorney General's Office.
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