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It's Xeriscape, Not Zeroscape
    Xeriscape is a complicated sounding word for a very wise and simple concept. In a nutshell, xeriscaping is water-efficient landscaping that's appropriate to the natural environment. The word xeriscape is derived from the Greek word xeros, which means dry.
    The goal of xeriscaping is to create a visually attractive landscape that uses plants selected for their water efficiency. Xeriscapes can save a tremendous amount of water. An established, properly maintained xeriscape needs about one-third the water of a traditional turf-based landscape. Some xeric plants require almost no supplemental watering once they are established. An established xeriscape also requires less maintenance than a traditional landscape.
    Contrary to popular misconception, xeriscape does not mean rock and a cactus. New Mexico has a wonderful variety of water-wise plants. Some of these plants are perfect for adding year-round greenery and texture. Other native plants are great for adding a splash of seasonal color. The properly planned xeriscape can offer brilliant color from March through October.
    Ten Steps to a healthy Xeric plant:
    1. Select the right plant for the right spot.
    2. Dig the right size hole.
    3. Carefully remove plant from container.
    4. Amend the soil
    5. Separate matted roots.
    6. Place plant and backfill the hole.
    7. Give the plant a good
    8. Mulch it!
    9. Use efficient irrigation
    10. Maintain your xeriscape
    To transform your yard into a beautiful xeriscape call a landscaper who specializes in native and xeric gardens or contact the City of Albuquerque Water Conservation Office for a copy of its "How To Guide to Xeriscaping."

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