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Ex-Rio Rancho Mayor Jailed in Pa.

By Rosalie Rayburn
Journal Staff Writer
    Former Rio Rancho Mayor Kevin Jackson is in a Pennsylvania jail for violating a protection from abuse order filed by his wife— and he could stay there for six months.
    Katherine Jackson claimed her husband had been verbally abusive and threatening toward her and their two daughters, threw objects and damaged property, according to documents filed in the Erie County Court of Common Pleas, in Pennsylvania.
    Court documents say Kevin Jackson called police March 25, saying his wife and her mother were conspiring to kill him. His wife told police her husband had just returned from a six-day stay in the Behavioral Health Center of the Veterans Administration hospital in Pittsburgh, the documents say.
    Jackson, a retired Army officer, was on disability due to physical injuries from active military service. He was supposed to be taking prescribed medication and continuing outpatient treatment, the documents say.
    Police left without taking any action, but a few days later Katherine Jackson filed a request for a protection order.
    She stated that her husband's stay at the health center came after their 13-year-old daughter found a suicide note written by Jackson on the family computer.
    The court granted the request on April 15, ordering Jackson to leave the family's home and not have contact with his wife or children.
    On the same day, Jackson took a taxi to the family home, said Brad Foulk, Erie County district attorney. When he arrived, his wife called 911 and Jackson was arrested, he said.
    The Common Pleas Court determined Jackson was guilty of the violation and sentenced him to serve a minimum of 15 days up to a maximum of six months in the Erie County Prison, court documents show.
    The former mayor began serving his sentence on April 30 and could be eligible for parole 15 days after that date, prison officer Cpl. Steve Delinkski said in a phone interview Wednesday.
    Jackson was elected mayor of Rio Rancho in March 2006 and resigned last July amid allegations of check fraud and misuse of a city credit card.