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A Batcave for Granger Manor

By Mark Smith
Copyright © 2008 Albuquerque Journal; Journal Staff Writer
    Holy Burque, Batman! This is going to be some casa!
    Former University of New Mexico basketball star Danny Granger says he's building a house in northeast Albuquerque— one that will include a Batcave.
    No Joker.
    On Thursday, word of the dwelling spread like one of the Riddler's diabolic plans.
    Granger said he was a guest on an Indianapolis radio sports talk show the day before when a caller asked about his love for superheroes.
    "I just started talking about superheroes, and my plan to build a house with a Batcave," Granger said with a laugh. "I guess (national radio sports talk host) Jim Rome got ahold of it, and my phone's been ringing off the hook all day. I've been like, 'Good gracious!' It's been pretty funny."
    There's no word on whether former Lobo Aaron Johnson, who nicknamed himself Batman, will try to rent a room.
    Or whether former UNM coach Ritchie McKay has applied to be Granger's Robin.
    Granger, who led the Lobos to the Mountain West Conference title and into the NCAA Tournament under McKay in 2005, just finished his third season with the Indiana Pacers.
    He has become one of the team's stars, averaging nearly 20 points, six rebounds and two assists a game.
    Reaching superhero status, however, will be more difficult for Granger to achieve.
    And that's fine with him.
    He'd rather just idolize the ones already around.
    "I've always just loved superheroes," he said. "I just saw 'The Hulk,' and I loved it. Man, it was incredible. Hulk, Batman, Superman— I love all those guys."
    Does he have a favorite?
    "Easy, Superman. It's not even close," he says.
    Granger didn't want to say how large the house will be or how much it will cost.
    Even if Granger's salary can't quite match billionaire Bruce Wayne's— Granger made around $1.5 million this year— the abode near Paseo del Norte will likely carry a lofty price tag.
    Granger says the Batcave will be his sanctuary and will have a private entrance for his car.
    "I called him and teased him about it," Granger's agent, Aaron Mintz, told the Journal. "But you know Danny. He's just a character. He has Superman robe he wears around the house. It has the Superman emblem and 'DG 33' on it."
    Granger, No. 33 on the Pacers, said his fiancee, Dionna Kann, had the robe specially made for him.
    "I wear it all the time," he said. "It's been a great gift."
    Granger said he will have games, televisions and "you name it" in the Batcave.
    And, of course, his car.
    A Batmoblie, perhaps?
    "No, but that's funny, because I had an all-black BMW convertible with really black windows," he said with a laugh. "We called it the Batmobile, but I sold it."
    Granger said construction will begin this summer, and he should have more details by the time his basketball camps are held next month in Albuquerque. He hopes to have the home finished by the summer of 2009.
    Granger said he chose Albuquerque to build because "I have so many friends here, and I just love it here. It's a great place to live."