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Business Faculty Scrutinized in Audit

By Olivier Uyttebrouck
Journal Staff Writer
    An internal audit has found evidence that business faculty members violated University of New Mexico policy limiting the number of days professors can work for outside employers, Regent Jamie Koch said Wednesday.
    UNM policy allows faculty to perform such work no more than one day a week.
    The audit report will remain unavailable to the public until Nov. 10 to allow Faculty Senate leaders and others to file responses, regents said.
    A professor in UNM's Robert O. Anderson Schools of Management said many faculty members believe the internal audit was intended to punish them for holding a referendum on the performance of business Dean Chuck Crespy.
    Crespy received votes of "no confidence" from 23 of the 42 faculty members who voted in the July 5 referendum.
    The regents' audit committee approved the internal audit July 23.
    "It was totally out of the blue," business professor Jeanne Logsdon said Wednesday of the audit investigation. "It was immediately after the vote of no confidence."
    Koch responded that UNM acting president David Harris had sought the internal audit before the referendum.
    "It is not retribution," Koch said. "We made it perfectly clear that every person at Anderson School would be audited. We're not picking on any one person."
    Regent Mel Eaves has said tensions at Anderson Schools may have resulted from Crespy's attempts to limit outside employment by faculty members.
    Harris has said he asked for the audit to help UNM leaders better understand the source of conflict at the business school.
    Regents asked for Faculty Senate response because "the audit report raises issues of faculty compliance with university policies," according to a resolution approved Wednesday.