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Lawyer's Wife Claims Battery

By Astrid Galvan
Copyright © 2010 Albuquerque Journal
Journal Staff Writer

          Last year, defense attorney John Higgins was convicted of DWI after hitting a curb with his silver Mercedes-Benz. Now, he is accused of aggravated battery after allegedly hitting his wife, also with a Mercedes-Benz.
        Sylvienne Higgins was able to walk away after the incident at 5 p.m. Tuesday but was later hospitalized as a result of her injuries, according to a criminal complaint.
        Police are searching for Higgins, 66, after witnesses said they saw him reverse his silver Mercedes-Benz in the parking lot of an office building at Roma and Sixth NW. The complaint stated he struck his wife with the driver's door, knocking her down and running over her with one tire.
        Police on Wednesday obtained an arrest warrant for Higgins, who is a practicing DWI defense attorney.
        Sylvienne Higgins, who publicly stood by her husband when he was convicted of aggravated DWI in August, suffered several unspecified injuries, according to the complaint.
        She told police she was arguing with her husband about an appointment when he struck her and drove away. She stood up and walked into the building before witnesses called 911, the complaint said.
        Higgins was arrested Jan. 28, 2009, after he crashed his car near 12th and Mountain NW. Police said he showed signs of intoxication, but he refused field sobriety tests, according to Journal reports. Defense attorneys claimed he was not driving the car, but he was convicted of aggravated DWI in August.
        Higgins' wife testified that he appeared confused and disoriented the day after the accident, adding she had never seen her husband that way.
        He was sentenced to 48 hours in jail, a year of supervised probation and a 90-day suspended jail sentence. He served nine of the 48 hours, according to Journal reports.

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