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Candidates' views of Arizona law

By Sean Olson
Journal Staff Writer
          Four of five Republican governor candidates expressed at least some support for Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, while one Republican and the lone Democratic candidate have concerns with possible racial profiling associated with it.
        The law, sponsored by Arizona lawmaker Russell Pearce and signed into law Friday by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, has ignited fierce debate over the law's provisions that give local law enforcement broad powers to detain anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally, as well as making it illegal to not carry citizenship documentation, among others.
        Proponents have praised Arizona for creating strict laws that will give the state the enforcement power it needs to police immigration, something they say the federal government has failed to do.
        Here's what the New Mexico governor candidates had to say:
        Susana Martinez — Republican
        "Just last week, an illegal immigrant was arrested in Las Cruces for sexually assaulting an 8-year old girl. I prosecute these cases and understand the concerns in Arizona. We must end policies that attract illegal immigrants, such as providing them with driver's licenses and sanctuary policies that provide criminals refuge."
        Allen Weh — Republican
        "Arizona's new law compels us more than ever to enforce existing law, or risk becoming an even bigger magnet for illegal immigrants and criminals. I'll start by rescinding the executive order barring State Police from reporting illegal immigrants that they stop or apprehend, and ending driver's licenses for illegal immigrants."
        Doug Turner — Republican
        "States are crying for help and looking for answers to stop illegal immigration and the associated gang- and drug-related crime. I oppose components of this bill that may legitimize racial profiling, but am optimistic that the law will force the federal government to finally take action on the issue."
        Pete Domenici Jr. — Republican
        "As governor, I will oppose sanctuary status in New Mexico, will secure our borders and will enhance law enforcement tools while recognizing New Mexico's heritage and protecting individual rights. It may be possible to tailor appropriate provisions of Arizona's recent law for New Mexico. Waiting for Congress is not sufficient."
        Janice Arnold-Jones — Republican
        "(The law) is a state response to federal inability to control our border and enforce federal law. Arizona made violation of federal law a violation of state law, enabling local authorities to act — an essential step towards securing our borders, addressing narco-terrorism, limiting human trafficking and assuring jobs."
        Diane Denish — Democrat
        "Our immigration laws are broken, and we must do more to secure our borders, but racial profiling is wrong — and the Arizona law goes too far. While I believe we must pass national immigration reform, we cannot give government a pass to infringe upon the rights of law-abiding citizens."
        Candidates' views of Arizona law

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