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Un Poquito Mas

The music at the Dollars 4 School ball at Las Campanas had attendees on their feet.

Dollars 4 Schools: It’s important

Education … so revered historically that, in Ancient Greece, only male children of the elite class were invited to receive one – the same with Old Europe, and even today in many repressed societies.

  • Star helps Pro Musica mark 40 years
  • Comfort food for a great cause
  • The hallucinogenic tea known as hoasca or ayahuasca is brewed from a vine and the leaves of a bush from the Amazon basin in South America. (Courtesy of Terpsichore/WikiCommons)

    Hoasca, source of SF legal fight, is trendy topic around the world

    While litigation has continued for years over a temple planned southeast of Santa Fe by a church group that uses a hallucinogenic tea from the Amazon as a sacrament, there’s been an explosion of international interest in the brew, usually known as hoasca or ayahuasca.

  • Another dramatic take on the Manhattan Project
  • What others are saying … George RR and Meow Wolf’s efforts in Santa Fe gain outside attention
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