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Jemez Pueblo Leaders See Mayor

By Jim Ludwick
Journal Staff Writer
    Mayor Martin Chávez and leaders of his administration met with Jemez Pueblo Gov. Paul Chinana and other pueblo officials Thursday.
    It was part of an ongoing effort by Chávez to visit nearby pueblos to become better acquainted and discuss matters of mutual concern.
    "We want to find ways that we can work better together," Chávez told the group of about 60 people at the meeting.
    "The days when our respective communities could operate in isolation are long gone. We are interdependent," Chávez said.
    He said he wants to improve relations between Albuquerque and Jemez Pueblo, starting with "a premise of respect and understanding."
    Chinana, interviewed during a break at the meeting, said he appreciates the effort by Chávez to reach out.
    "It is something that I've really wanted for a long time," Chinana said.
    "We have things in common," he said. "We breathe the same air. We drink the same water. We all live on mother earth. We enjoy the same sun. In everything we do, we need harmony. We all have common goals."
    The Albuquerque delegation included Jay Czar, the city's chief administrative officer; Nick Bakas, the chief public safety officer; the directors of many city departments and others from the administration.
    People at the meeting were divided into small groups so officials from each government could talk in detail with their counterparts.
    A group including Chávez, Chinana and other officials touched on numerous topics: transportation, infrastructure, tourism, equipment needs, the film industry and other subjects, focusing on possibilities for cooperation and mutual assistance.