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Cop Says Fast-Food Cook Served Phlegm

By Joshua Akers
Journal Staff Writer
    How do you like your Whopper?
    Rio Rancho police officer Adam Crosby doesn't like his with a ball of phlegm. The man who allegedly served it that way is now in jail.
    Former Burger King employee Marcus Calderon, 19, of Rio Rancho is charged with assault on a police officer and adulteration of food.
    He pleaded innocent Monday in Sandoval County Magistrate Court.
    According to a court report, Crosby ordered dinner at the Burger King drive-through near the intersection of N.M. 528 and Corrales Road on Saturday evening.
    "After a couple of bites of his hamburger, officer Crosby felt a slime-like sensation touch his lips," according to the statement of probable cause. "Crosby then opened the burger to find a mucus-type substance."
    Officer John Francis, spokesman for the Rio Rancho Department of Public Safety, said the officer became sick and called his supervisor, who also felt ill after seeing the hamburger.
    Calderon, a cook, allegedly called out, "Cop in the drive-through" before preparing the burger, Francis said.
    The suspicious substance was removed for testing.
    "It's hideous," said Tom McCollum, who owns the restaurant with his brother. "It shows you how our society is slowly but surely going down the drain."
    Calderon had been working at the restaurant for about a week, McCollum said. He no longer works there.
    When interviewed by police, Calderon said he had been sick and may have coughed up phlegm, which may have accidentally landed on the officer's food, Francis said.
    "You don't just cough up a huge loogey like that. It just doesn't happen," Francis said of Calderon's explanation.
    Calderon was being held Monday at the Sandoval County Detention Center in lieu of posting $2,000 bond.
    Samples of Calderon's blood and saliva are being tested at a medical lab for hepatitis and HIV, Francis said.