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Police searching for man who they say stabbed and killed ex-girlfriend

Hector Gamboa, 59. (MDC)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque police are searching for a man accused of stabbing and killing his ex-girlfriend at her home earlier this month.

Officer Fred Duran said Hector Gamboa, 59, is wanted on charges of murder, tampering with evidence and bribery/intimidation of a witness for allegedly killing Blanca Renova, 54.

A confidential informant told police Gamboa confessed to stabbing Renova as she was getting out of the shower.

Gamboa threatened the informant with a knife afterwards.

Duran said Gamboa is on the loose and APD is asking for the public’s help.

“We ask that no one try and apprehend Gamboa and immediately call police,” Duran said. “He should be considered armed and dangerous.”

Renova was found at her home near Central and Wyoming on May 5 by her daughter Nancy Vizcarra and Nancy’s 4-year-old son.

What started out as a suspicious death investigation soon became a homicide investigation. Investigators on scene said Renova had been stabbed repeatedly and there was blood “throughout” the home.

Nancy Vizcarra told officers she found Gamboa’s cell phone in the house as well.

Although APD released the information today, another of Renova’s daughter’s, Linda Vizcarra, said she has believed since the day her mother died that Gamboa did it.

“I knew, inside of me, that it was him,” Vizcarra said, when her mother was found with her throat slit nearly two weeks ago.

Gamboa had already put a knife to Renova’s throat back in March, she said.

“She called me crying and scared to death,” Vizcarra said.

Renova filed a restraining order on March 15.

In the order Renova wrote that Gamboa “became more aggressive” in the six months before the restraining order was filed, using a knife in at least one instance.

“He made threats in the past that if I reported incidents to police he would kill me when he got released,” Renova wrote.

She wrote in the order that Gamboa had recently stolen her house keys.

“I’m concerned for my life and my safety is at risk,” Renova wrote.

Renova had a court date on May 3, Vizcarra said. She never made it.

“Knowing that he just killed my mom and now he’s on the loose,” she said. “It’s just awful.”

The family has been sharing Gamboa’s photo on Facebook since Renova’s death.

“We think he’s in Mexico already, hiding,” ?she said. “He had all the time in the world.”

Vizcarra said her mother had been with Gamboa “on and off” for over a year, but Linda Vizcarra said she had never met him.

“She would leave him and then come back,” she said. “She would say ‘he’s going to change.'”

Vizcarra said her mother would show up with bruises, and then lie about where they came from.

“I said to her ‘Mom, just leave him, just go away if you don’t feel secure,'” she said. “Don’t stay there.”

Gamboa had two prior arrests for domestic abuse — one against a family member and another against a woman who was his girlfriend at the time.

Vizcarra said she only hopes Gamboa is brought to justice.

“I don’t think he deserves anything from me — not even a word,” she said. “I hope God makes him pay for what he did to my mom.”